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10 Under 10


When all the magical creatures in the forest mysteriously vanish, it’s up to Cassandra and Caticorn to save the day!

All Ages | Non-sexual, non-violent | 9 min

CATICORN POWER!!!!!! by Cassandra Quint Park is the first in our Ten Under Ten Series of short films conceived entirely by Asian American kids below the age of 10. There is only one rule, the idea must come entirely from the imagination of the young filmmaker, who will get help in editing the final product. Ma-Yi Studios provided a camera, plus lighting and sound equipment, and a small budget for costumes, magic, and pizza.

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Cassandra Quint Park | Performer

Amy Frances Quint | Performer

Matthew Gunn Park | Performer


Cassandra Quint Park | Creator & Writer, "Cassandra"

Paul Lieber | Director, Editor, Cinematographer

Amy Frances Quint | Costumes

K.J. Kim | Friendly Cat Costume

Chad Raines | Music

Francesca Russo | Production Assistant

Lara Quint | Production Assistant

Matt Gunn Park | "Caticorn Power" Theme Song

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