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A Divergent War


In the series finale of A Divergent War, we reject extrajudicial killings, corruption, militarization, and all forms of anti-democratic systems.

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All Ages | Non-sexual, non-violent | 4 minutes

We end A Divergent War: Songs for the Pandemic with this fifth song about Resistance.

Our series began with songs about poverty, cleansing and distancing, the future, and the heartache of longing. Each song was framed by the current experiences of working Filipinos living under the harsh rules of the government’s Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), a COVID-19 prevention and mitigation program that is especially cruel to poor communities.

This Song of Resistance is about what is happening now in the Philippines. It is a rejection of extrajudicial killings, corruption, militarization, and all forms of anti-democratic policies. It is also about the long, historical struggles of Filipinos against despotic rulers.

It is the people’s resistance that has undone every regime that tyrannized the country.

It will do so, again.

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Monique Wilson | Performer

Creative Team

Fabian Obispo | Music

Joi Barrios | Lyrics

Ejay Yatco | Musical Direction & Accompaniment

Jan Levi Sanchez | Sound Mixing & Mastering

Saltwater Cinema | Editing

Adjani Arumpac | Editing

Hiyas Bagabaldo | Editing

Karen Llagas | Translation

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