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Final Boarding Call

Written by rising star Stefani Kuo and directed by Mei Ann Teo, Final Boarding Call tells the stories of the current Hong Kong protests.

Presented in partnership with WP Theater.

Broadcast March 10-14, 2021

All Ages | Non-sexual, non-violent | Runtime TBA

Written by rising star Stefani Kuo and directed by Mei Ann Teo (SKiNFoLK: An American Show), FINAL BOARDING CALL tells the stories of the current Hong Kong protests. The play revolves around the interconnected stories of seven characters whose backgrounds and perspectives run the spectrum – a protesting brother and flight attendant sister struggling to keep her job; a Mainland Chinese mother and her estranged Hong Kong daughter; a non-Cantonese speaking reporter and her Indian partner; and an American expat CEO and Hong Kong lover living in the shadows. The play begins and ends with a flight, an entrance into the Hong Kong protests and how the politics we see on the news every day affects the citizens of Hong Kong in their day-to-day lives. It gives the audience a window into China’s grip on global capitalism. How far will they go to fight for family, freedom, and the right to be heard?

Ma-Yi Theater Company is proud to partner with WP Theater, the nation’s oldest and largest theater company dedicated to developing, producing, and promoting the work of women+ at every stage of their careers.

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Creative Team

Stefani Kuo | Playwright

Mei Ann Teo | Director

Hao | Designer

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