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From Our Friends

Tear It Up

From our friends. A re-imagined music video based on the short story “The Romance of Magno Rubio” by Carlos Bulosan, as well as the play of the same name by Lonnie Carter.

All Ages | Non-sexual, non-violent | 3 minutes

From our friends. “Tear It Up” is a re-imagined excerpt from a Hip-Hop Filipino American Musical based on the short story, THE ROMANCE OF MAGNO RUBIO, written by Carlos Bulosan and the award winning stage play produced by Ma-Yi Theater Company. Performed by an international cast that aims to capture the style and energy of the Manongs, the essential workers of their time helping feed America throughout the Great Depression. They faced hardships, along with racism, as they became scapegoats amongst other Asians during those tough economic times.

To escape the doldrums of working as a migrant farm laborer, Magno Rubio’s bunkmates take him to Jezebel’s dancehall, where they pay 10 cents a dance for companionship. The Manongs happen to be amazing dancers. By the time the song ends, Magno begs his friends to stop but is pulled in to dance and ultimately relents and finally tears it up!

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Creative Team

Lonnie Carter, Knowa Lazarus and Charles Uy | Writers

Charles R. Uy | Director, Editor

Jasmine Rafael | Choreography

Jerisse de Juan | 2nd Unit Director

Flava Matikz of Q-York | Music Producer

Ma-Yi Theater Company | Special Thanks

Marc Macalintal | Special Thanks

Joan Almedilla | Special Thanks

Jake Pesquira | Special Thanks

CJ Uy | Special Thanks


Alan Ariano | Dancer

Lawrence Benny Achivida | Dancer

Danny Bernardo | Dancer

Eymard Cabling | Dancer

Cesar Cipriano | Dancer

Erick Esteban | Dancer

Flava Matiikz | Dancer

Knowa Lazarus | Dancer

Mike Palma | Performer

Kevin Perdido | Performer

AJ Rafael | Performer

John John Martin Tarrayo | Performer

Rodney To | Performer

Reuben Uy | Performer

Anthea Neri Best | Performer

Veronica Cabling | Performer

Nassim Khaligh | Performer

Jasmine Joy Rafael | Performer

Tyler Kenneth Stafford | Performer

Minverva Benedicto Vier | Performer

Bree Wernecke | Performer

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