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A mixed-race family relocates from Japan to the Pacific Northwest. But where is home exactly? Presented in association with Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival.


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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ma-Yi Theater Company has made all of its digital content free to the public while paying all artists involved. This is key to our goal of providing much needed employment to theater makers, and access to theater for communities that have traditionally been excluded from participating because of distance, or economic constraints. We believe this is key to the transformation of a post-pandemic theater landscape that is both radically inclusive and accessible. You can help us continue to bring arts to underserved communities by making a donation of as little as a dollar. If you would like to make a donation, please click Donate to view Vancouver. If you would simply like to view the film, just click Register.
Age 13 + | 36 minutes

Presented in association with Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival.

Content Warning: This video includes strong language, sexual situations, and anti-Asian aggression. Viewer discretion and parental guidance are recommended.

In September 2020, a group of artists assembled in a barn in Wisconsin to stage a puppet play. The setting provided a controlled environment that allowed all participants to observe strict COVID-19 protocols. Vancouver is the result of that experiment.

A mixed-race family relocates from Japan to the Pacific Northwest, hoping to find more stability. Or, maybe, acceptance?

But where is home exactly?

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Mark Blashford | Puppeteer

Cindy Cheung | Voiceover Performer

Daniel K. Isaac | Voiceover Performer

Tom Lee | Puppeteer

K.T. Shivak | Puppeteer

Shannon Tyo | Voiceover Performer

James Yaegashi | Voiceover Performer

Creative Team

Ralph B. Peña | Writer, Director

Tom Lee | Puppetry Director

Francisco Aliwalas | Director of Photography

Chicago Puppet Studio | Production Design

Jaerin Son | Lead Scenic Design

K.T. Shivak | Lead Puppet Designer

Blair Thomas | Puppetry Consultant

Marissa Fenley | Puppeteer Costumes

Paul Lieber | Music Editor

Fabian Obispo | Composer

Alec Styborski | Editor

Aaron Herschlag | Camera/Lighting Grip

Ma-Yi Theater Company | Collaborating Presenter

Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival | Collaborating Presenter

As we navigate these tumultuous times with resilience, humor and grit, we’re also forging new ground. This talented theater community needs your support.