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Second-Home Owners

A community in crisis.

All Ages | Non-sexual, non-violent | 4 minutes | Parody

There’s nothing like reading the Real Estate Section of the newspaper to let you know exactly where you are on the economic spectrum. Lack of affordable housing and impending evictions get a lot of coverage these days, but we shouldn’t forget the struggles of second-home owners, and the pain they quietly endure. This is for them.

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Jon Hoche | Performer
Direct Venmo Contribution: @JonHoche

Jennifer Ikeda | Performer
Direct Venmo Contribution: @Jennifer-Ikeda

Alfredo Narciso | Performer
Direct Venmo Contribution: @Alfredo-Narciso

Ching Valdes-Aran | Performer

Creative Team

Ralph B. Peña | Director/Writer

Kent Sprague | Cinematography

Jesse Jae Hoon | Editor

BenSounds, Dan Phillipson | Music

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